Hello everyone, I'm Sam. I am a bodybuilder and fitness coach with over 10 years of experience in the field. Over these 10 years, nutrition and exercise have become integral parts of my life, especially nutrition, which has completely transformed my body. However, I have never found a trustworthy nutrition company in Hong Kong that I could rely on, until the emergence of One Meal. I have taken the time to personally understand the company's operations and philosophy. Since One Meal opened, all of their products have been exactly what I have been searching for. Their products are committed to being natural, additive-free, and hormone-free. I not only use them myself, but also recommend them to my clients. The transformations I have witnessed, both in myself and my clients, are truly remarkable. I am thrilled to be a part of One Meal and I hope to continue sharing their exceptional products with more people, enabling them to achieve better health.

Favorite Meals

- Fresh Meal Plan ( 4 Weeks )
- Thai Green Curry Chicken Breast U.S (Frozen Item)
- BBQ Chicken Breast U.S (Frozen Item)


14 meals per pack  |  3 meals a day  |  7 days a week