Select the column and enter the number of box set and gram(g) below.15 boxes ~ minimum order for Custom made

請選取以下第1及第2項,並指明gram (g)數及盒數。Custom Made最少訂購數量為15盒。稍後會以 whatsapp / email 回覆報價。

1. Protein (80~250g)
雞胸Chicken Breast / 比目魚White Fish / 三文魚 Salmon / 牛柳 Beef

2. Carbs (50~350g)
白飯 Rice / 印度米黃薑飯 Indian Turmeric Rice / 番薯 Sweet Potato / 薯仔 Potato

3. Fixed Vegetable 100g

Sample Form:
Box 1: chicken 150g + rice 150g x 10box
Box 2: white fish 200g + sweet potato 180g x 10box

*Custom Made 亦適用於任何優惠


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