Collection: Fresh Nutrition Meal Box (New)

One Meal 最新推出的新鮮營養餐系列,每天新鮮製造,全港免運費!

One Meal 提供新鮮、營養豐富的餐點,使用全天然、無激素的食材,確保其含有必要的營養素並符合健康標準。我們的營養師設計了優化的菜單,方便您輕鬆攝取足夠的蛋白質、纖維和其他必要的營養素。此外,我們的餐點不含任何人造添加劑和防腐劑,保證您只攝取到最健康的食品。此外,我們的餐點非常方便,提供當日送達,讓您隨時隨地享受美味健康的餐點,不浪費時間和精力。

Made fresh everyday by our professional chefs. We deliver daily to suit your personal needs. 

One Meal offers fresh and nutritious meals made with all-natural, hormone-free ingredients to ensure that they are packed with essential nutrients and meet health standards. Our nutritionists have designed optimized menus to make it easy for you to get enough protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients. Additionally, our meals are free from artificial additives and preservatives to guarantee that you are consuming only the healthiest food. Moreover, our meals are highly convenient, offering same-day delivery so that you can enjoy delicious and healthy meals anytime, anywhere without wasting time and energy.