One Meal was founded by professional athletes and nutritionists who share a common philosophy

In this urban life surrounds is not easy to find a suitable restaurant that uses natural ingredients at an affordable price. Due to this observation that One Meal team has decided to take natural health as the premise and set up the brand One Meal to establish a new and proper attitude towards life.

Whether it is a professional athlete or a professional bodybuilder, or a person who takes self-cultivation as the premise, in addition to exercising, it is essential to pay attention to Diet. Being able to absorb enough natural nutrition will make things more effective. A person with a physique is an inevitable matter. It seems easy, but it requires a specific understanding of ingredients and nutrition, not just avoiding the consumption of carbohydrates or fats.

Natural food materials

Most urbanites eat irregular hours due to their busy work and often go out to eat without absorbing enough nutrients and taking in a lot of unnecessary flavourings. Most people may also find it challenging to prepare the food to buy natural materials without absorbing the nutrients the body needs.

One Meal's products use natural imported ingredients without any additional chemicals in the production process. At the same time, the commercial certified freezing technology makes it easier for the consumer to mix different Meals freely.
In addition to being convenient to carry, it can also maintain the quality of the food. We can also provide a tailor-made menu for different people, suitable for people from all walks of life. Start with One Meal today.