Made fresh everyday by our professional chefs.

One Meal offers fresh and nutritious meals made with all-natural, hormone-free ingredients to ensure that they are packed with essential nutrients and meet health standards. Our nutritionists have designed optimized menus to make it easy for you to get enough protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients. Additionally, our meals are free from artirscial additives and preservatives to guarantee that you are onsuming only the healthiest food.


A Good Start

( 3 Days Meal Plan )

Taking the first step is always the hardest, so One Meal has launched a brand new three-day plan to accompany everyone's first attempt at trying our nutritious meals inspired by various international cuisines. This plan aims to help you discover that eating healthy can be delicious, simple, and convenient. Don't hesitate any longer, choose and purchase now, and embark on a journey to a healthy lifestyle.

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  • breakfast

    Tofu egg and potato veggies salad

    Lean 393Kcal l 27P l 24C l 21F
    Bulk 577Kcal l 40P l 48C l 25F

    Zero starch 290 Kcal l 27P l 5C l 18F

  • lunch

    pan fried US pork loin with grain rice and green Veggies

    Lean 403Kcal l 27P l 31C l 19F
    Bulk 619Kcal l 41P l 62C l 23F

    Zero starch 299Kcal l 27P l 5C l 19F

  • dinner

    Thai green curry chicken with quinoa rice and seasonal veggies

    Lean 336Kcal l 31P l 35C l 18F
    Bulk 511Kcal l 43P l 63C l 24F

    Zero starch 297Kcal l 31P l 5C l 17F

  • Breakfast

    Mixcan style scrambled eggs with chicken and pumpkin side salad Wrap

    Lean 403 Kcal l 28P l 30C l 19F
    Bulk 549Kcal l 36P l 45C l 25F

    Zero Starch 303Kcal l 28P l 5C l 19F

  • Lunch

    Chinese garlic duck breast with asian style veggies rice

    Lean 367 Kcal l 30P l 28C l 15F
    Bulk 566Kcal l 45P l 56C l 18F

    Zero Starch 271Kcal l 30P l 4C l 15F

  • Dinner

    baked honey sauce salmon sweet potato and green veggies

    Lean 408 Kcal l 31P l 35C l 16F
    Bulk 567 Kcal l 46P l 53C l 19F

    Zero Starch 292Kcal l 31P l 6C l 16F

  • breakfast

    Baked egg cake with potato sesame Salad

    Lean 366Kcal l 27P l 15C l 22F
    Bulk 462Kcal l 36P l 21C l 26F

    zero starch 312Kcal l 28P l 5C l 20F 

  • lunch

    Roasted beef with mix green veggies noodies

    Lean 454Kcal l 25P l 30C l 26F
    Bulk 666Kcal l 39P l 60C l 30F

    zero starch 290Kcal l 26P l 6C l 18F

  • dinner

    Pan fried chicken with purple sweet potato and seasonal veggies with tomato sauce

    Lean 376Kcal l 27P l 22C l 20F
    Bulk 560Kcal l 42P l 44C l 24F

    zero starch 213Kcal l 27P l 6C l 20F

  • breakfast

    chicken wrap and roasted potato with mix beans

    Lean 386Kcal l 27P l 20C l 22F

    Bulk 538Kcal l 36P l 40C l 26F

    Zero Stach 375 Kcal l 36P l 6C l 23F

  • lunch

    Slow cook chicken breast with veggies and quiona salad

    Lean 435Kcal l 25P l 32C l 23F Bulk 666Kcal l 39P l 62C l 30F

    Zero Starch 318 Kcal l 25P l 5C l 22F

  • Dinner

    Low fat seafood mushroom with fusilli and sesaonal veggies

    Lean 406Kcal l 31P l 30C l 18F

    Bulk 632Kcal l 45P l 59C l 24F

    Zero starch 310 Kcal l 31P l 6C l 18F

  • breakfast

    Pan Fried Chicken breast Omelette ,Grilled tomato , Mushroom with salad, sweet potato

    Lean 351 Kcal l 25P l 20C l 19F
    Bulk 507Kcal l 36P l 39C l 23F

    Zero Starch 296Kcal l 27P l 2C l 20F

  • lunch

    pan fried tilapia creamy sauce with bell pepper and green veggies, broccoli

    Lean 434Kcal l 30P l 29C l 22F
    Bulk 646Kcal l 45P l 58C l 26F

    Zero Starch 320Kcal l 32P l 6C l 20F

  • dinner

    Japanese teriyaki sauce with pork loin and sea weed sesame rice

    Lean 375Kcal l 28P l 23C l 19F
    Bulk 559Kcal l 42P l 46C l 23F

    Zero Starch 298Kcal l 30P l 5C l 18F